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Jupiter Talks!

Do you know about the planet Jupiter? Here to know some quick and amazing facts about the planet "Jupiter".

Get groovy with science

Showcase the wonders of the universe with your science knowledge. Take biology, chemistry, or even astronomy!

Explain the magic of physics

The apple fell and Newton was enlightened. What else is fascinating about the world of physics? Tell us.

Show simple tricks to memorize better

Some people memorize formulas. Others have cunning tricks. Share your magic of prepping for exams in your reels

Inspire with Vedic math

Are you one of those few lucky folks who has mastered Vedic math? Well, teach us a few things!

Go fancy with language

If you know the difference between “there” “they’re” and “their”, then this is what you’re a pro at. Enlighten us…

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Don’t Believe Us? Look At What Other Creators Are Saying

Since its inception, EdReels has been home to a variety of online creators from various backgrounds. Everyone gets a fair chance with EdReels.

Start creating for the world today.

I’m a college student and I started creating 60-second reels for EdReels. It’s just like creating reels for Instagram or creating shorts for YouTube. The only di erence is that I get paid every time I create a reel and send it over to EdReels. It’s pretty simple. I started earning 600 rupees a day for just creating reels. Good side income.

Ravi Patnaik, B.Tech Student

I’m a software engineer and I spend a lot of time on my phone. I came across EdReels and I thought, “why don’t I give it a try?” and I made one reel video. They paid me instantly. No complaints. No demands. I made a reel on mathematics because I’m good at that. You can choose whatever topic you want. Enjoy the process.

Venu Kathala , Software Engineer

I am a retired Maths Teacher giving tuitions at home. A student has introduced me to edreels. I found the content very interesting & got registered. I get to do at least 2-3 reels a day & earn on regular basis. ”

Laxmi Devi, Teacher

I am studying in Class VII & I create content relating to Films with 13k+ followers. My friend told me about edreels & started making reels whenever I get time. I enjoyed making them & I also get paid.

Mohd. Asif Ali, Student
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Why EdReels

People love spending their time on the internet. The Indian youth, especially, spends a great deal of time watching YouTube shorts and Instagram Reels. So, we thought, “Hey, why not make it more immersive?”

You can drink a glass of water in 60 seconds. You can watch a YouTube short in 60 seconds. So, you can definitely spare 60 seconds to teach something unique and enrich the learners’ community online with your dazzling ideas.

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Over 10 Years in ED TECH
Content Production

Register yourself by clicking here. No sales gimmicks. No credit card info required. Just create an account by providing your Name, Mobile Number & email id. That’s it! To know more, watch this

No. EdReels is an open platform for everyone. Anyone who speaks Telugu or English can create reels. You can be a homemaker, or a stay at-home mother, or a college student, or even a full-time employee

Your content has to be shot with a smartphone, in good lighting, with a pleasant background. Pick a topic from any subject of your interest of Classes VI-X and start recording. We’ll review and approve your content

Once you submit a reel, we will review it basis several quality checks like content type, clarity in audio & video & you’ll get paid. You have to update your banking information in your account and your earnings get automatically credited real time after every approval. Check out our demo videos above to get a good idea.

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